An absolute must for any young person looking to create wealth and attain the life they dream!
— T. HARV EKER, New York Times No. 1 Best-selling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind ™

It’s about time someone taught young adults – and the rest of us – how to focus less on a weekly pay-check, and more on the power of building real wealth. Robert’s book is the magic potion!
— NICK USBORNE, Author and Coach

Robert is simply one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. Successful but also, grounded to his core values. He was invited as the keynote speaker to one of our events, and he delivered a fantastic speech directly from the heart. Robert inspired a lot of people on that day, including me. He has now become a role model for me. If one day I can reach his success and serenity, I know I will have succeeded in life.
— Jean-Philippe Claude, President of the Real Estate Investors Club
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I was extremely impressed with Mr. Luxenberg’s knowledge about real estate, life and mindset. He has proven first hand that you can build a great life, in only a few years, by investing in multi-residential apartment buildings. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with the group.
— Phil Misner

At first I was interested in his real estate and financial achievements. His journey, an ordinary man with ordinary struggles yet becoming much more. I am most impressed by who he has become and how he lives his life. I look at him as a model for what I could do with my life both in actions and in philosophy. That is a mark of great leaders. Listening to Robert is awe inspiring.
— Khoa Anh Nguyen

Robert is great speaker, he speaks from the heart and it shows. His wisdom has opened my eyes on many aspects of my life. His knowledge on the mind was the missing piece of the puzzle for me to go take action in real estate.
— Samuel Deraspe
A powerful speaker and a successful investor, Robert has made it big in multifamily real estate investing. But above all, he loves to share important knowledge with people from all walks of life about abolishing limitations whether they are emotional or lack of financial literacy.
— Patrice and Sanaa

Robert Luxenberg doesn’t just look at you, he sees you. He doesn’t just hear you, he listens. And when he talks, it’s not from his mouth, it’s from his heart. What’s most attractive about the wealth and empire Robert has built is not the wealth at all; it is the importance he has placed on the REAL wealth- his relationships and his mind. If ever you get the chance to be in the same room as Robert, you won’t just SEE how awesome he is, you FEEL it. Genius in Real Estate, Mindset and Life. Powerful Communicator.
— Steph Woo

I’m so grateful I attended one of Robert Luxenberg’s speaking events. It was truly an awakening for me. Robert really speaks from experience and his heart, and delivers a clear message on where to begin to experience real change into one’s life: The mind. With the right mindset, belief system and attitude, everything becomes within reach. He also made me realize the importance of communicating in a way you can get what you are seeking for. Without a doubt, through his book and teachings about mind, money and wealth, he will touch and inspire younger and older generations alike.
— Julie Stump
I have had the luck to meet many exceptional people over time. A few, like Robert Luxenberg, deserve to be in a special category. I recently attended a mastermind session with him and I was hanging to his every word. His wisdom about everything and anything would be beneficial to anyone. What makes him stand out of the crowd though is that he comes from the heart. I can’t wait to read his upcoming book and meet him again.
— Mike Lambert

”The knowledge and inspiration you’ve given me... is already worth thousands of times the investment I made in your book (or as you might suggest, in myself.)”
— Guillaume Goulet