RObert LuxenbErg

Robert is an accomplished businessman, speaker, trainer, writer, and philanthropist.

He was a Canadian swimming champion, a member of the Canadian national team, and the leader of the Canadian contingent entailing 36 sports to one of the largest international sports games in the world. After attending university on an NCAA scholarship, Robert worked and excelled in various capacities within the commercial real estate industry, including as a broker and manager. He was also a senior vice-president and top-level executive for several Canadian companies with a focus on marketing and business development.

Robert was forty-seven years old when he turned down a well-paying executive position, found a business partner, and bought his first apartment building. Before he celebrated his fiftieth birthday, he’d become a millionaire, and was a multi-millionaire several years later.

An accomplished speaker and business mentor, Robert wants to share the lessons he learned with young people just starting out. He presently owns and manages several hundred residential apartments and teaches real estate to anyone interested in building real legacy wealth.

With his co-author Arnold Francis, Robert has written two previous books, The Third Q and Unlocking the Secrets. He has three children, Evan, Sarah, and Deanna, whom he adores and lives in Montreal, Canada, where he continues to invest in real estate and other endeavors.